Installation Information

Our installation process is very simple. As soon as you let us know you are ready to move forward with the project we will begin our process.

1. We will purchase the materials that you have selected for your job.

2. We will sand the material and spray it with a base coat of paint at our shop. PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL PURCHASE ALL PAINT/STAIN FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT. ALL WE NEED FROM YOU IS THE VENDOR, COLOR, AND SHEEN OF THE PAINT. (FOR EXAMPLE: SHERWIN WILLIAMS/ANTIQUE WHITE/SEMI-GLOSS.) If you do not know this information we can do a custom color match by taking an existing piece of your trim to have it analyzed and color matched. There is no additional charge for this service.

3. We will then arrive at your home on the day that you have scheduled with us. We will be arriving in the morning between 7:30 and 8:00 unless other plans have been determined with you.

4. We will protect your floors and furniture with the proper protection equipment.

5. We will set up our tools in your driveway. (mitre saw, table saw) PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CUT MATERIAL IN YOUR HOME. If it rains on the day of your job we will reschedule the job.

6. We will install the materials with a finish nail gun.

7.  We will begin to prepare the material for finishing. We start by filling all nail holes with wood putty. Then we take care of any finish sanding that is needed, and caulking all the areas where the wood touches the ceiling, wall, and any joints where it comes together. Stain grade jobs will be handled differently.

8. We will paint the material.

9. We will then touch up paint with your wall colors. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST SUPPLY US WITH THE WALL COLORS OF YOUR HOME FOR EACH ROOM WE WILL BE WORKING IN. WE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PAINT. Please ensure this paint has not spoiled if it has been sitting in the garage or outside in a shed. If you must purchase more of your wall colors please do so. Keep in mind we only need a little to do touch up painting. (No need to buy a gallon, a quart will be plenty.) If for some reason you cannot get a hold of this paint we will use tape on the project. But we must know this information before the project begins.  PLEASE NOTE: FAUX FINISHED WALLS, ROOMS WITH WALLPAPER, AND ANY OTHER ROOMS WHERE TOUCH UP PAINTING IS NOT AN OPTION WILL BE HANDLED DIFFERENTLY BY USING TAPE.

10. We will then collect payment on the day your project is complete.

Our process is very simple. We like to keep it that way. Please keep in mind that this process is a “General Process” and not every job will go exactly like this. If you have any questions about something in our process please do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Limited Warranty Details

We stand behind our work with confidence. Below are the details of our limited warranty.

We will repair any discrepancy FREE OF CHARGE as long as it is within 30 calendar days from the day your project was completed. Anything after the 30 day period is your responsibility. However, we will REPAIR OUR OWN WORK after the 30 day period for a minimum of sixty dollars for the repair. Keep in mind that most trim repairs are very minimal and can be fixed with caulk,paint, etc. WE DO NOT REPAIR other trim carpenters work. The reason for this 30 day period is that any splitting in the caulking or seams will take place usually within the first week after the trim has been installed. This allows the homeowner to contact us during the time that is most likely to happen(30 days). The 30 day period also prevents us from taking care of the homeowner’s responsibility and maintenance of their own home. For example, if your home was recently built this year and we installed crown moulding in it, we can not be held responsible if one of the corners separates in five years due to natural settling of the home. We do everything we can to prevent separation, splitting, or any other discrepancy that may need repair. To accomplish this we shoot 1-1/4″ to 2″ nails in a “V” pattern to ensure a strong grip to the surfaces we are working on. When necessary(wainscoting, bead-board, architectural build-ups)we use silicone adhesives as well among many other methods. We also can not be held responsible for circumstances outside of our power. This includes but is not limited to; floods, water damage from faulty plumbing, foundation issues, natural settling, roof leaks, outside forces that are uncommon or unreasonably inflicted upon our work, acts of man or beast upon our work, tornadoes, or any act of God that is beyond our control.